Questions & Answers

Do I need to bring anything?

Swimwear, We provide towel, it is A good idea to bring slippers’s since the floor can be coold an slippery

Can we change and / or bath at Hottub CPH?

Yes – there are wooden changing rooms, and boxes by the hot tubs for storing your belongings. For hygienic reasons, we advise that you take a shower before arriving at Hottub CPH, however, we do have an outdoor shower which makes it possible to rinse your body before and after your visit..

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

You may not bring your own food and drink. – It is possible to buy drinks from us, including champagne, rosé, beer, tea and coffee etc.

What if the weather is bad?

No worries -the weather is rarely ever too bad – the heat from your hot tub or sauna will keep you warm. Should we have no other option than to cancel your booking due to the weather, we will refund the full amount.

Where can I park my car?

There is parking right outside Hottub CPH.
Remember to pay for the parking

What Is Your Alcohol Policy?

You may not bring your own alcohol, but it is possible to buy beer, champagne, etc. from us. However, we expect good and responsible behaviour, and we reserve the right to cancel your booking without refund if you upon arrival appear to be under the influence or are a nuisance to the other guests.

is it safe to be in the hot Tubs while pregnant?

If your are pregnant we advise you to contact your doctor prior to your reservation 🙂

Something came up – can I cancel or change my booking?

You can cancel your booking free of charge up to 7 days before the reservation – this can be done directly through your confirmation email or by sending an email to
If you cancel less than 7 days to 72 hours before it will cost 250dkr
No refund will be given less than 72 hours before the booking

Our group only consist of 2 people. Is the price the same?

Once you have booked time in a tub, the hot tub is private and only for you and your group. Therefore, the price is the same, whether you are 2 or 6 people in your hot tub. Same goes with reservations for the sauna.

We Don’t mind Sitting Close – Can We Fit 7 people In A Hot tub?

Unfortunately not – 6 people is the maximum capacity.

Can we dip ourselves in the cold water in the harbour? 

Unfortunately, there is no swimming area in the harbour – we do, however, have a cold water tub if you enjoy winter bathing.

My friend is getting married. Can we have a bachelor party at Hot Tub CPH?

If you want to hold a bachelor party at Hot Tub CPH, you must write an email to before you book the time.

Is there anything else i should know?

Show up 15 minutes before your reservation starts! We are looking forward to welcoming you.
2 months ago
This was a FABULOUS experience!!! The place is brand new and extremely clean, it is inches from the water, there are plenty of changing rooms and a bathroom and showers. The staff was extremely friendly, welcoming and attentive. They have a great drink menu...
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2 months ago
Really cool space on the river for a relaxing hot tub experience! The check in was easy and the staff were very helpful and explained the expectations of our reservation in detail. They stopped by to check on us a couple of times as...
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